Gelling Sugar

Diamant Gelling Sugar

3,2,1 – delicious! Cold-stirred spreads - a popular addition to any breakfast. You can create your favorite fruit spread within seconds using our Gelierzauber – no boiling necessary! This method preserves the full flavor of the fruit and keeps all the vitamins. It’s magically good!

Diamant Gelling Sugar 2:1

Capture the fruitiest taste of summer. Enjoy the summer for breakfast all year round with our simple recipe: 1 kg of fruit to 500 g of Gelling Sugar 2:1. Whether it’s strawberry, apricot, pear, plum or a delicious combination – the fruit season belongs to you.

Diamant Gelling Sugar for Jelly

What does summer taste like? Just the way you like it! Our Gelling Sugar for Jelly turns your favourite juices into delicious jelly. It is ideal for quince, blackberry, redcurrant, elderberry or apple juice. The perfect way to enjoy summer all year round.

Diamant Preserving Sugar

Preserving the finest moments. Using our preserving sugar is the easiest way to store your favourite fruit and vegetables. This method is sustainable, does not use any artificial preservatives and is totally delicious, just like in the good old days.

Diamant Gelling Sugar 1:1

The fruit season has finally arrived. And like every year, you can make the most delicious fruity and sweet jams and marmalades using our simple recipe: 1 kg of fruit to 1 kg of jam sugar. Our classic product for first-class results.

Diamant Gelling Sugar 3:1

Fruity delights times three! You can triple the fruit by using Gelling Sugar 3:1. The recipe is 1.5 kg of fruit to 500 g of sugar – a magic formula for anyone who prefers their spreads less sweet. Jam-packed with delicious fruit for a perfect start to every morning. 

Diamant Gelling Sugar 2:1 for food processors with cooking functions

Ready, steady, cook! It couldn’t be easier. Simply use our Gelling Sugar 2:1 for food processors and 1 kg of your favourite fruit. Whether it’s strawberries, raspberries, cherries or whatever you fancy – make the most of your fruit: Turn it into your favourite fruit spread.



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