White Sugar

Diamant Beet Sugar

"Our granulated sugar is now called beet sugar" – because we not only produce our high-quality fine beet sugar from sugar beets, but also many other sugar specialties. They are the heart of our Diamant product range, which gives you and your loved ones those precious touching moments and sweetens everyday life. And they are versatile! Sugar beets are a purely natural product that can be fully recycled as part of a sustainable circular economy. Even this packaging contains 20 % sugar beet fibers. Simply amazing what you can get out of sugar beet – it makes the world a little sweeter!

By the way, don't worry: "beet sugar" is the new name for our popular "granulated sugar", the sugar is still the same.

Kölner Sugar Loaf

Burnt punch – the queen of winter drinks! It’s the traditional way to keep everyone warm on cold evenings. Our Kölner Sugar Loaf is an indispensable part of any respectable recipe!

Diamant Tea Sugar

Teatime! Creating sweet little breaks in your daily routine could not be easier. Simply brew your favourite tea, sweeten with our easily soluble tea sugar, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Enjoy your peaceful tea break.

Diamant Bridge Sugar

Lucky you – the die is cast! Our lucky bridge sugars cubes are the ace up your sleeve and the perfect addition to a sweet cup of coffee. Conveniently portioned, easy to dissolve and an eye-catcher on any table. How much more luck do your need in your day?

Diamant Sugar Cubes

A little bit of happiness every day. Our small sugar cubes are perfect for your everyday life: easy to portion and particularly soluble giving your favourite coffee or hot drink precisely the sweetness you need.


Diamant Icing Sugar

Cupcakes, biscuits, cakes or tarts – which pastry brings a happy smile to your face? Bake, decorate and embellish to your heart’s desire. Whatever you like to bake, with our icing sugar all your creations will always be a touch more delicious.

Diamant Nib Sugar

A hail storm of crunch! Our coarse-grained, pure white nib sugar consists of a multitude of tiny crystals and is an absolute delight for decorating your delicious treats from a fluffy sweet braided loaf to colourful biscuits or sinfully delicious crumb cake.

Diamant Finest Sugar

A fine success! What, you ask? Whatever you are making! Whether you’re making a fluffy sponge cake, a creamy gateau, delicate pastries, sauces, cold beverages or sophisticated desserts like a mousse or parfait – our Finest sugar is perfect for all of them. The extra-fine sugar crystals dissolve in no time to give your dishes a consistent sweetness. Just what you need to enjoy the most delicious moments!

Diamant Icing Sugar Shaker

Just a flick of the wrist! Whatever you want to decorate or beautify – our handy icing sugar shaker adds that extra touch of delectable sweetness to your pastries, waffles, muffins, cakes and more in no time at all!

Diamant Sugar

Sweeten your day – the natural way. That's what our sugar is for. A natural product made from sustainably grown sugar beets. We get the best out of it - so you can get the best out of every day. For cooking, baking and sweetening drinks – just the way you like it.

Diamant Sugar Sticks

Pretty practical, our sugar sticks! Emblazoned with 12 different sayings you can easily sweeten the day of your family, friends and colleagues. Whether compliments for the "favorite person" or nice words like "Have a sweet day" and "You're really sweet" – you will always have a suitable saying at home or on the move. So: ‘Be sweet, be happy‘ and say it with our sugar sticks.

Diamant Dry Fondant Sugar

Well? Everything going smoothly with your baking? Admit it, you enjoy a little extravagance from time to time. As you should! Create and decorate to your heart’s content with our dry fondant sugar: You can add water, sugar or liqueur to vary the taste, colour and consistency just as you want. The finest dry fondant sugar for the finest results!



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