Candy Sugar

Diamant Crumb Candy Sugar

Small, delicate and sweet with a caramel aroma: Our crumb candy sugar is the all-rounder in our rock sugar range. These tiny rock sugar crystals dissolve in no time at all and add sweetness to your teas, baked delights and your life. Perfect in your tea or as a crunchy addition to gingerbread or honey cake - our crumb candy sugar guarantees crackling moments of pleasure.

Diamant Crust Candy Sugar

Our crust candy sugar has a real character with its irregular shape and golden brown colour. It lends your favourite tea a full-bodied caramel flavour. The larger rock sugar crystals dissolve slowly in hot tea and gradually reveal their quintessential character with every sip you take. Our crust candy sugar also adds the perfect sweetness and a warm aroma to your home-made liqueurs.

Diamant Kluntje White Cube Candy Sugar

Nordic by nature: Our Kluntje White Cube Candy Sugar is the sweetest way to visit Germany’s East Frisia region. Here’s to a relaxed chat with your best friends over the traditional three cups of tea – naturally in proper style with our Kluntje White Cube Candy Sugar slowly dissolving in your cup. 

Diamant White Cube Candy Sugar

Our white cube candy sugar will make you want teatime to last the whole day. After all, there’s nothing cosier than watching rock sugar crystals dissolve in tea with a gentle crackle. And rock sugar is a real blessing, even if you don’t like tea. It can also add a delightful sweetness to hot drinks such as punch. And anyone who makes their own liqueurs will definitely appreciate our cube candy sugar.

Diamant Lüttje Kluntje White Cube Candy Sugar

Our Lüttje Kluntje White Cube Candy Sugar is your personal piece of East Frisia. These sweet little pieces of rock sugar are the perfect choice if you don’t quite have time for the traditional three cups of tea required by the East Frisian tea ceremony. Just add our Lüttje Kluntje White Cube Candy Sugar to your cup and enjoy North German serenity, sip for sip.

Diamant Brown Cube Candy Sugar

Only the best for your favourite tea. Our brown cube candy sugar crystals are a beautiful amber colour and lend tea and other hot drinks a natural hint of caramel. Watching the crystals slowly dissolve in hot tea will warm your heart. Brown cube candy sugar is also a wonderful ingredient for making your own liqueurs.



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